Happy Thanksgiving


I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well. This year, I feel blessed and most definitely thankful. It was this time last year, our turkey dinner that we ordered from a different store than either Boston Market or Jewel. My mom found some other place. She finds doing this simpler than doing everything from scratch and saves […]

Magnetic Board

Drip Pan Magnetic Board

I was browsing through my mother-in-law’s pinterest board that she has for Izze and her cousin. Just ideas gathered from all around the internet. She had on the site, one for a large magnetic board built by using a large oil drip pan. These drip pans cost under $10 from an automotive store. Since the […]

Making Felt Food Continues …

Garlic, Lime, Sweet Potato

Since my last post, I ordered some more felt in colors I didn’t have. I basically got a sheet of every color but skipping the blues and greys and purples too. I did this because I couldn’t tell from the picture if the greens I was looking at would be the shade I wanted. Needless […]