A New Year, A New Project

A belated Happy New Year to everyone. I started the new year by catching the flu. While I was home sick, I noticed that I had lots of felt left over from the last project. I looked up a few ideas from felt barrettes and clips to making a quiet busy book for Lady Niblet.  She does have a doll that she got for Christmas that teaches her different types of fasteners from tying shoelaces to buttons, buckles and snaps. I do think a busy book will keep her entertained and help develop her skill at the same time.

I looked up quiet/busy books on the internet and came across a plethora of sites that other moms made for their kids. There was one site, Lella Boutique,  that created the book in a theme but I didn’t find it to be a busy book but more of a touch and feel book. Still good idea but I want something more interactive.

Here are a few sites that I came across that have wonderful tutorials on busy books:

The Crafty Crow

Elisa Loves

Doing Without

Simply Sew-per!

Leafy Treetop Spot

Empty Bobbin

I think these are all great sites and even have other great ideas on stuff to make. The one site that intrigued me the most was Doing Without. It’s a great site with lots of tips and ways to save you money, especially if you already don’t have a lot to begin with.


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