Life sometimes throws a curve ball

When the holidays were over, I was looking for a new project to do. I was hoping for something I could use the leftover felt that I had. Before I knew it, Lady Niblet’s birthday was coming up. I had to prepare for that. Since she has a thing for Disney’s Toy Story, we decided that would be her theme.

Izze's Birthday Cake

Lady Niblet's Birthday

As you can guess from the picture above, she was more than pleased with it. It turns out that Woody and Buzz Lightyear are poseable figures. The moment she saw them on the cake, she demanded to have them. We couldn’t give them quick enough for her and she just didn’t understand that you don’t want to play with toys that are covered in icing. If any are curious about where we got the cake, it was thanks to a co-worker who spotted one similar to what I was looking for at a Walmart Superstore. We were surprise how nice it came out and how moist and great tasting the cake was.

Birthday Dress Front and Back Views

Front (Left) and Back (Right) View

For the special day, I made her a cotton dress using a pattern I had for a toddler’s peasant blouse.  I gave it a band at the waist that has elastic and the skirt part is just a plain front but lots of detail going on in the back. The back is two layers. The upper layer over laps each other by a half-inch or so and is edged by a ruffle. The underskirt is a series of rows of ruffles. I made them go in  sequence starting from the top with solid white (this was edged in green thread on the serger), then a row of solid green, then a row of the print fabric. My only regret on this last-minute design was that I should have made it 2-3″ larger in width, maybe even a little more than that because where the elastic is at the waist the band was a bit of a struggle to get on and off her. The dress fit for that time and probably that time only.

Once this was over, I was planning on posting by the end of the month or the first week of March. As time went on, it started looking more and more like the first week of March. This is when the curve ball hit. Our family found out that my uncle had taken his own life. We had lost touch with him sometime after my aunt’s death and to my estimation, I don’t think he ever got over her passing. The best thing I can think of is that I hope he is at peace now and they are together once again.

Next week: Recycling fabrics.

Since Lady Niblet had a mini crib, I  don’t know many others who will or are using one to give them crib sheets since she know uses a twin bed. So I took her crib set and started making some clothes for the summer with them.

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