Pattern Review: Cloth Training Pants

Cloth Training Pants

Back in March I purchased a pattern for making cloth training pants. The reason, I’m just not totally 100% behind disposable training pants. I feel like they are the exact same thing as a regular disposable diaper and in some cases like Huggies®, they fasten on the hips than across the belly. I wanted something that make Lady Niblet be more aware of the urgency touse the potty. I think disposable training pants don’t exactly train a toddler to become aware since they are usually made out of the same materials that the diapers they wore previously. It pulls the wetness into the materials that absorb the urine and keeps the outer layer that’s next to the skin dry so how is a child going to be aware that they are wet and should have tried to do something prior to avoid that wetness? With cloth, they become aware of being wet and in some ways makes it easier to work towards preventing that wetness.

Izze in her "big girl panties"

I searched the internet and found an abundance of cloth diaper patterns but I wanted training pants. I came across a few on One can find velcro or snap side closures or no closures at all. I opted something that was close to what she’ll end up wearing once she is done potty training and that is ones with no closures at all so the sides are sewn and it’s truly a pull up panty. Or what we call “big girl panties” so she knows she’s growing up and becoming a big girl.

The pattern I chose was called “DIY PDF Pattern and Instruction – Waterproof cloth pants for night wetter, individual custom fit, custom made.” I made 3 pairs and it was fairly simple to make. The instructions were easy to follow and pictures were also a good addition. What I really liked about this pattern was that if I came across a problem or didn’t understand anything about the pattern, an answer was just an email away. You really can’t get that from a commercial pattern.

To get the individual custom fit, you are asked on the page for your child’s leg, waist and rise as well as height and age. I find this saves you time on getting a good fit, as well as, wasting fabric since waterproof fabric can run a bit on the pricey side. If you don’t have the time to make them, the shop also sells some already made.

To find this seller, babybayrs (profile link), on Etsy, here is a link to the shop.



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