Chalk doodling

I’ve tried for the longest to get rid of some stuff that I don’t need anymore. It’s hard. You always think that you might still need it. I even searched through Pinterest to come up with ideas to recycle some stuff. One of those is leftover parts of the crib. If we decide to have another baby, we would have to get a new crib for that one since the sides of the crib is what is now the headboard and footboard of a twin bed. That leaves the other two sides of the crib and the bottom.

I thought I would start with the bottom. I thought I could do a cork board but we already have one. Then I thought I could pad it and cover with fabric and ribbon and use it to put cards and photos on. I didn’t want to get that involved in that plus it would take me forever to decide on what fabrics and colors and patterns to choose from. Trust me, it takes me a long time to decide. I’m still trying to decide on fabric for curtains in the sewing room.

Crib Bottom Chalkboard

Crib Bottom Chalkboard

The crib bottom had a plastic bag stuck to it and a sticker on one side and removing them left a mark. The plastic bag left a perfect square of adhesive residue behind. The sticker just took the top finish of the board. I bought some chalkboard paint from Home Depot for under $10 before taxes. It also comes in different colors but I opted for the usual black chalkboard since grandma bought chalk in bright colors for her and I didn’t want some of those colors to disappear on a bright-colored chalkboard.

I covered the wood edges blue tape to keep the paint from it and began painting the board. I did about three coats and let it set for 24 hours. When it came time to hang it up, I used 3M Command picture hanging strips. I didn’t use the hooks, these were like velcro strips and used about three of them to attach it to the wall. So far it’s been a couple of days and it’s still hanging.

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