Storage Box (Roof Support for Playhouse)

It’s hard to come back from a vacation. Once I did, I had to work on that third playhouse. I’ve been told by lots of people who I should make them and sell them. I’ve only made three so far and each time, I’ve had done at least one window backwards. I realize this when […]

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, How Do You Like Your Hair?

Disney's Tangled (Rapunzel's Dress)

I know it’s been a while since I last posted on here but life has a way of butting in on things.  Recently, I’ve been busy making Izze’s Halloween costume. Our whole family was wondering what she would be for Halloween. My sister-in-law and I even toyed with the idea of our kids going as […]

A New Year, A New Project

A belated Happy New Year to everyone. I started the new year by catching the flu. While I was home sick, I noticed that I had lots of felt left over from the last project. I looked up a few ideas from felt barrettes and clips to making a quiet busy book for Lady Niblet.  […]

Project Finished


I finally finished the fruits and veggies. Due to time limits and the need to ship out one of the four sets, I had to make some cuts. I originally wanted to have grapes, bananas, eggplant and a last-minute cut, corn on the cob. The decision to cut those items was mainly the time involved […]

Almost Finished with Felt Food

All I have left is oranges, lettuce and corn on the cob. The last one mentioned is the one that is the most involved. As for the other two items, I have only two oranges left to sew and stuff. The lettuce seems easy since it’s basically a ball of felt stuffed and the four […]

Making Felt Food Continues …

Garlic, Lime, Sweet Potato

Since my last post, I ordered some more felt in colors I didn’t have. I basically got a sheet of every color but skipping the blues and greys and purples too. I did this because I couldn’t tell from the picture if the greens I was looking at would be the shade I wanted. Needless […]

Hello world!

Felt Orange

Welcome to Lillie Dillies, a sewing & craft blog. I use to have this site set up for selling doll clothes and customized dolls. I felt like I needed a change and something that could be a little challenging. So, I decided to turn Lillie Dillies into a personal blog documenting things I try to […]